Systeme Paradoxe is the electrocold project of Laurent T. and H.
A pure, melancholic and melodic music for this French duo who takes as much care to chisel the sound as the image.
The voice, the song of H. sets the mood and raises the tone…
Systeme Paradoxe is also one of the 3 musical universes of Laurent T. Certainly the one that holds the most to his heart, the one where he hides the least.

Newsynth, synthwave, coldwave …. we can use a multitude of terms to define the music of Systeme Paradoxe. Laurent T. adds one with the neologism “electrocold” to qualify the result of a real return to the sources in which the duo allows themselves to sink alternating melancholy, hope and disillusionment.


She let her tears flow
in front of me
I was moved by it,
rather than to give him my shoulder,
I thought only to burn this moment
of pure sad beauty
in my memory.